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Membership Form


Become a UAAD Member Today




United Affirmative Action Development Corporation


Become a UAAD Member Today


If you believe in economic and social justice, you need to join UAAD. As a member of UAAD you will be able to participate in our bank participation program fighting for the rights of low-and moderate-income individuals. You will receive regular bulletins and updates on the progress of these programs. You will be a part of the nation's largest grassroots organization, regarding financial development.


Members pay annual membership dues. The dues are $100.00 per year, although many members pay $10 or more through a monthly bank draft. Through paying dues, members secure the organization's ability to pay the bills and survive, and also quarantee that the members have control of the direction taken by the organization.


Most members join as part of a chapter in their local community or city. There are chapters in other cities. If you do not live in a UAAD city, you may choose to support an office in another city or start a chapter.


Joining UAAD is easy and secure. Begin by printing out or downloading your membership form (at the bottom of this page) and dues payment option below.


    You may join UAAD by making monthly contributions.


    You may join UAAD for one year using your credit card.


    You may also mail your information to:



207 N. Service Rd., E

PMB 150

Ruston, LA 71270



Click Here to Download Membership Form